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Q. Are all the guides fully qualified and insured?

A. Yes, all our guides go through the UK certification process and are members of the relevant governing bodies.

Q. What's included in the course price?

A. Each course has details of what we provide, however if you are in any doubt of what you need to bring please don't hesitate to ask.

Q. How fit do I need to be?

A. By there very nature our activities are challenging but we believe they are accessible for all. If you are in doubt about your personal ability or fitness level we'd love to chat to you to put your mind at ease.

Q. What happens if the weather is too adverse for my chosen adventure?

A. It's very rare that the weather is too adverse for an activity to happen. We can usually work around the weather with earlier or later starts, reversing the route etc. In the rare occasion the weather does hinder our plans, a different route may be suggested or an alternate date to suit both parties may be agreed.

Q. Can I pay a deposit rather than the full course fee?

A. Yes - we require a 30% deposit to secure bookings and the remaining course fee is due 6 weeks prior to your chose date.

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